At the beginning of the twentieth century, the general manager of RAS decided the company needed an adequate headquarters in Trieste.
A competition was held, and the project of the architects Ruggero and Arduino Berlam from Trieste was chosen. Their project inspired by Renaissance palace, was approved by the Civic Magistrate on January 12, 1911. The five floors building was built by the construction company Carlo Bonetti.

Carretta Serramenti produzione finestre in legno e alluminio per abitazioni e contract a zanè vicenza veneto italia

The restoration of the iconic palace of Piazza della Repubblica, which lasted two years, led to the opening in 2022 of a refined 4-star hotel with 125 rooms, managed by the Hilton Doubletree. The plan of the building is the same of the original one with halls with high ceilings, marble and wood finishes, monumental statues. The public spaces are located on the first floor, and the sleeping areas occupy the other floors, with suites that reach up to 60 square meters. The windows have been designed to replicate the original profile in aesthetic terms, faithfully reproducing all the engravings and moldings of the time, but with thicknesses able to accommodate thermal and acoustic performance according to the requests of the hotel manager.

VENEZIA, PALAZZO NANI (Radisson Collection Hotel)

Palazzo Nani was built in the sixteenth century to become the residence of the homonymous family. Overlooking the Cannaregio Canal, in its golden age it hosted a rich Roman era art collection. The Nani family, remained there until 1810, in the following years the palace began to decay, suffering serious tampering: in 1859 was occupied by the Austrian army which converted it into a barrack, then it was used as a school. Meanwhile, the pieces of the collection were gradually alienated and dispersed.

Carretta Serramenti produzione finestre in legno e alluminio per abitazioni e contract a zanè vicenza veneto italia

The palace has become a hotel of the Radisson Collection in 2021, after an important work of restoration and conservation lasted 3 years under the supervision of the Committee of Fine Arts. The project signed by the Italian architect Marco Piva, has preserved the decorative and structural elements of the facade and the interior of the building. Great attention was paid to the study of the large windows of the main floor and for all the windows have been followed the indications of fine arts in order to combine the historical identity with the thermal and acoustic performance required for a high category hotel.


Madama Garden Retreat is located in Venice, in the nearby of the Rialto Bridge and the Ca' d'Oro. Madama’s interior design is inspired by a notebook full of thoughts created by walking with Marco Polo through the pages of the "invisible cities" written by Italo Calvino.

Carretta Serramenti produzione finestre in legno e alluminio per abitazioni e contract a zanè vicenza veneto italia

Each apartment is a drawing of colourful thoughts, sorted to get along with the neighbours. The windows and doors of this relais, frame the views of the sestriere of Cannaregio, with high acoustic performance to ensure the tranquillity of the guests.


The two buildings complex “Città Giardino Residenze” is a re-development of a Treviso (Veneto – Italy) city centre area.
The architectural project has required large glass windows with section and material in order to allow view and access to shared or private vertical gardens located at each floor of the building, improving the seamless inside/outside continuity.

Carretta Serramenti produzione finestre in legno e alluminio per abitazioni e contract a zanè vicenza veneto italia

Large view and decks main building features have been customized following the requirement of each client, linking privacy needs with brightness: the perfect choice being our wooden – corten window.


From “Corriere della Sera” newspaper: “Dieci minuti a piedi dall’Hotel Lutetia ci sono la Brasserie Lipp, i caffè Les Deux Magots e Flore, luoghi mito di Parigi con le ombre di Jean-Paul Sartre e Simone de Beauvoir comprese nel conto. Un giovane ufficiale, Charles de Gaulle, passò nell’albergo la sua prima notte di nozze. Negli anni 20, uno scavezzacollo americano, Ernst Hemingway, approfittava del dollaro forte per passare le serate al tavolo da biliardo con gli amici della Lost Generation. Nel decennio successivo, un promettente scrittore, James Joyce, si rifugiò in questo gioiello Art nouveau e Art déco per sfuggire al gelo del suo appartamento bohémien in rue des Vignes”.

carretta serramenti realizzazione finestre in legno hotel lutetia parigi

We are proud to have played a part in this re birth project, on such a prestigious and iconic hotel in Europe history, where politics, art, science and philosophy were continually created. Demanding studies brought Carretta to manufacture a made on purpose window, able to fit the modern isolating requests together with the listed facade details.


Carretta Serramenti accepted the challenge to produce a 40-meter long sliding facade. An exclusive program shared by projects managers, owner and designers: a precious synergy of ideas and capabilities with sustainability and energy saving goals.

carretta serramenti realizzazione finestre in legno corte bertesina vicenza


Antonianum Residence is a former university college built on a 14.500 sqm area. Developed as a multiple building complex, it is located in Padua city centre, facing Prato della Valle plaza and Unesco Heritage Botanic Garden. The project area hosts a liberty building dated 1905 and others sides ones erected on much more modern ages.

carretta serramenti realizzazione finestre in legno e alluminio collegio antonianum padova

The Carretta approach to the complex has followed the different ages of the buildings, projecting and realizing
customized windows. Carretta windows have been tailored to fit the different souls of the estate: wooden windows with curved and phyto morphic drawings on the more ancient liberty style part, wooden aluminium windows for modern facades.


Via Frassinetti, 25 is a 13 floors building raised on a social housing residential lot that needs to be upgraded to fit with the surrounding area. The new modern A class building hosts 44 apartments with a wide range of sqm surface, from the studio to the penthouse, and has been drawn by CZA - Cino Zucchi Architects.

carretta serramenti realizzazione finestre in legno e alluminio via frassinetti milano

The concept of light and dark, deep and projecting, used by CZA, have been reflected in windows design too. For this building site, we realized wooden-aluminium window, to build structures composed by a glass-door in the rearmost position locked on a big glass surface completely drowned in the masonry. This type of window required a deep research to our technicians, to face the structural issues. The use of CONTEMPORA 100 model, permits us to obtain high energy performances, corresponding the request of class A building certification.

TVZEB / Vicenza

Carretta Serramenti takes part in the new project by Traverso and Vighy. Their new study is a wooden box that produces more energy - and ethics - than it consumes. The building is a lightweight construction composed of two elements: a larch glulam structure - enclosed by a weathering steel envelope and raised above the ground on steel beams - flanked by a second timber volume. The building, designed in collaboration with the Department of Physics at the University of Padua, will be monitored to track its energy and thermal performance.

carretta serramenti realizzazione finestre in legno e alluminio tvzeb studio traverso vighy vicenza