Spazio Casa 2015

Carretta Serramenti produzione finestre in legno e alluminio Spazio Casa 2015

During the exhibition Spazio Casa Carretta Serramenti presented the latest achievements of NEARLY ZEB (nearly zero energy). The Directive defines a nearly zero energy building as a very high-energy performance building, in which the very low or almost zero energy requirement should be covered to a very significant extent by energy from renewable sources. Achieving this goal is far from easy but during these past years a lot has changed in the realisation of new buildings: GREATER INSULATION of the casing and then of the FRAMES, renewable energy sources that become priorities, home and building automation, to name a few. The design of an energy efficient building, NEARLY ZEB, as required by the Directive 31, requires therefore SPECIAL PROJECT SKILLS, which CARRETTA SERRAMENTI can praise to count in its professional expertise.